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We are proud to share that 2% of every placement goes to Halton Food For Thought

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Share Information

Information sharing is critical to the search process; the more information exchanged the better the chances of success. As our client we need to know the specifics of your requirement in as much detail as possible. We learn about our candidates’ career aspirations, background and experience. Likewise we discuss our process and services. It is up to all parties to provide information from their unique perspectives.

We share the search project with our established and growing food network and the marketplace at large; we also encourage others to share it with their network (colleagues, family and friends).

Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge and building trust are the main contributors to a successful long term relationship.

Ultimately it is you who makes the decision of who will be joining your team or from a candidate perspective which team they might like to join, but having a trusted partner to work with is an invaluable tool.

Traditional methods to recruit and source are to a large extent dated, direct recruiting is by far the most effective way to generate interest in a position and attract the best talent available in the market. There is still value in posting a position to generate awareness, to leave no stone unturned if you will, however social networking has fast become the method of choice.

Share Wealth

Doing good is good for business. We are always thinking of our future CEO’s, Plant Managers and Food Scientists so we proudly support Halton Food For Thought.

Breakfast programs and educating our little ones on healthy food choices ensures a better healthier future for all and reinforces the important work you do every day as a member of the food industry.


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Share The Concept

We are committed to giving back.
Every single time we make a placement we will donate 2% to Halton Food For Thought, an organization that relies on the Food Industry. It is our hope that ng search will be recognized for more than just recruitment services, by partnering with us we are giving back in our own little way.

Our mission is to make a difference to those we partner with providing a transparent, honest and dedicated approach to search work, from both a candidate and client perspective.

Our vision is to influence and lead a new generation of search consultants to join us in the way we accomplish it.

Sharing is good for business